The sky’s the limit: breaking barriers to build relationships

Yes, building relationships and eventually a home takes time. As many of us know, these relationships and communities are made up of smaller moments and shared experiences. While most of these moments are rightfully “everyday,” I’m here to encourage you to make some memories that stand out.

Do something crazy!* Get out of your comfort zone and do this with others. Adventurous experiences bond people in ways that just don’t happen every day. Breaking out of your life routine together will break down walls quickly.

Find people with similar dreams and interests. Act on them together.


In my case, I’ve become incredibly close with my roommate and several other friends in this way. Whenever we have some free time (or more importantly, money and a Groupon discount) we make it a point to do something with that time. So far, we have gone skydiving (as I mentioned briefly in an earlier post), hang-gliding, paint-balling, animal-befriending, cliff-jumping, rock-climbing, night-skiing and road-tripping. Next up: to drive a NASCAR race car!

I would especially recommend anything that will take you above your everyday viewpoint, literally or otherwise. Some of my most eye-opening moments have been thousands of feet off the ground, and to be able to share those experiences with someone else is amazing.


*Never life-endangering or that you will ultimately really regret, though. Remember my Miley Cyrus analogy. Be smart about your adventures.

Tell me about the craziest thing you dream of doing in the comments… then go out, make it happen and take a friend! The sky’s the limit!


2 thoughts on “The sky’s the limit: breaking barriers to build relationships

  1. So this post makes me incredibly jealous of you because in the short time you’ve been here, you’ve done some incredibly fun-looking things. Personally, I’ve always wanted to go skydiving and the video you made just reaffirms that with me! This post was an awesome read and I hope you get to keep trying new things!

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